Sell All Or Part Of Your Mortgage Note For Cash Today
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Note Buyer

Want to sell real your estate note,  trust deed, promissory note, land contract, or contract for deed? American Funding Group has been a Note Buyer in all states since 1989 but we love to buy real estate notes in FL & TX.  If you want to to turn some or all of the remaining payments on your real estate note into cash TODAY, we can help.

We work with people every week who want to convert all or part of a mortgage note’s future payments into a lump sum of cash today.

From people who need the cash to pay off other debts, to those who want to reinvest cash tied up in the note in another investment for a higher return, to note holders who are just tired of handling the administration and collection headaches that can come with holding a note.

Virtually all of the people we help want:

  • cash today vs. waiting it out to receive the payments over time
  • a solution fast
  • to just get it done, fairly and quickly, so you can move on and, they  don’t want to water down their returns by paying a bunch of fees to sell a note and many have found that we can help them.

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